Strategic Area of the Factory:

Our factory is strategically located in an area that offers unique advantages for rice production and food safety. These factors contribute to the exceptional quality of our products:

  • 1. Collective Hub of Paddy: Our factory serves as a collective hub for paddy, allowing us to source surplus paddy from multiple millers. This strategic arrangement enables us to maintain a consistent supply of high-quality paddy for processing.
  • 2. Paddy Quality: Located in a region surrounded by the Tonlé Sap, our largest lake and a significant farming zone, we benefit from the advantages of newly harvested land for rice farming. The fertile soil and abundant water resources contribute to the cultivation of premium-quality paddy, ensuring the foundation of our exceptional food products.
  • 3. Water Sources: Our location is blessed with natural water sources that play a crucial role in rice farming. The 30 Kanha canal, built during the Pol Pot Regime, facilitates the flow of water from the northern regions to the Tonlé Sap. Additionally, we have access to Steung Sen and Steung Chinit, which serve as essential water sources for farming activities in our area.

By leveraging our strategic location and implementing stringent food safety practices, we are committed to delivering food products of the highest quality and safety standards. At KAMPONG THOM RICE MILL, we take pride in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our customers while meeting their diverse demands and legal obligations.